Cared skin for a perfect bridal make-up, practical tips

Bridal make-up, cared skin for a perfect bridal make-up, practical tips

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Bridal make-up, cared skin for a perfect bridal make- up

A cared skin is essential for the success of your bridal make-up, here you can find some simple tips:

  • Remove make-up and tone up your face every night

It is important to remove your make-up daily, both face and neck, using every night a cleanser, and then to rinse and apply an hydrating toner to guarantee a deeper cleansing, especially because facial cleansers can often leave oily or fatty substances in excess.

  • Hydrate

Apply an hydrating cream before going to sleep and before applying make-up in the morning, massage carefully your cheekbones, cheeks and forehead without forgetting your neck.

  • Gentle scrub + hydrating mask

Get into the habit of exfoliating your skin with a gentle scrub once a week. A simple cleansing isn’t often enough to avoid impurities and make-up to settle in your skin, while an exfoliating product helps for this purpose and completely removes dead cells. After a scrub, you should always remember to apply an hydrating mask to moisturize and deeply regenerate your skin.

  • Hydrate yourselves even from the inside 

Drink a lot of water and eat food rich in water such as fruit and vegetables, purify your body and your skin will thank you.

  • Pimples and healthy diet

To avoid pimples few days before your wedding you shouldn’t eat chocolate, fried and fat food. A little sacrifice worth making.

  • Beauty treatments

A facial cleansing with a professional beautician 7/15 days before the wedding is recommended.

I SUGGEST NOT to do ANY facial treatment (ex: depilatory wax, facial cleansing, tanning lamps ecc.) in a beauty centre in the last 7 days before the wedding.

  • If you expose  to the sun

Protect your face with a specific cream with a sufficiently “high” protection.

  • The night before the wedding

Hydrate your face and neck with an hydrating mask the night before the wedding.

Well done! Now you are ready for your big day! A cured and hydrated skin is a good base for a perfect, natural and long lasting bridal make-up.

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